Registration for the 2021-2022 Season:
Registration forms and tuition including the activity fee will be collected at the time of audition for returning members. For new (Strings, Jr. Concert Band/Wind Ensemble, Symphony) and past Strings members auditioning for Symphony, registration form and tuition will be collected after the notification of acceptance but will be due no later than at the first rehearsal date, __________. Payments must be made in full. Need-based financial scholarships are available. To apply for financial assistance, please return the Tuition Assistance Application to the Executive Director in person, or by mail or email at
Tuition & Fees:
Tuition for the year is $350 for the Strings Orchestras, $350 for Junior Concert Band, $350 for Junior Wind Ensemble, and $400 for the Symphony Orchestra. An activity fee of $20 is required of all members. This fee covers the cost of social events and a complimentary t-shirt which will be worn at WYO outreach events and functions. 
Option to pay for Raffle Fundraiser as Tax Deductible Contribution:
WYO holds a spring fundraiser by selling raffle tickets. Each family is responsible for selling tickets in the amount of $50 (10 tickets) or paying for the tickets. Selling or paying for the tickets is not tax-deductible. This season, WYO is offering an option for families to make a $50 contribution in lieu of selling raffle tickets during the 2022 spring fundraiser. This fulfills the one-per-family requirement and will be a tax-deductible contribution. Please submit cash or a check payable to WYO to the Executive Director.